COVID-19 Measures

During the self-isolation and social distancing that is required to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Ku'r Salon and Spa is closed.

However, the Ku’r Team has been busy preparing to welcome all our clients back.
We are implementing rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.
All our protocols will be in strict accordance with the Ontario Government Health and Safety Guidelines.
Feel free to book your appointments on line starting June 1.  We will contact you if we need to move or change the times.

In the meantime, there are things that we can do for you.

Ordering Product

You may order product by emailing us at
Payment by credit card or eTransfer.
We will arrange shipment or deliver free within 20km.

Hair Colouring

Need a quick easy solution to cover your roots while sitting at home until your next visit to us? We have your solution ... Color wow coverage is easy to use and affordable, available in 8 different shades. Just send us a picture of@your hair and we will recommend your color. Email us info@kursalonandspa and we can arrange shipping or delivery.